torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011

Our winter weddings

We had our big day in the beginnig of December and these are photos of it :) We had an old club house full of flowers, candles, food, relatives and friends! There is a village locating at a group of small islands in the town where I was born and that was a beautiful place for weddings.

I didn't expect such a stress nor such a terrible flu just a week before the wedding day. Now later on I can see that all the worrying was pretty useless; we had a talented professional florist
to help us (J's sister) my sister and J's mom cooking great food and desserts and we had SO many relatives and friends giving us their time to make sure that we could enjoy our wedding day. I feel so thankful for everybody. And even the outhouse that we were worried about worked nicely and nobody peed on their pants! The only thing I feel sorry about the day is that we couldn't invite all our friends due to the limited space!

Ps. does anybody know somebody in need of an extra small wedding dress? Tarvitseeko kukaan lyhyt xs-koon morsiuspukua? I'd like to sell mine :)

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ei pöllömpi kirjoitti...

Paljon paljon onnea! Ihanat herkät kuvat!
Onnelisten kuvia.

Kaikki on niin kaunista ja tyylikästä!

Nimetön kirjoitti...

Onnea teille! Kauniit ja tunnelmalliset häät näyttää olleen :)

Tanja Hakala kirjoitti...

Voi, kauniita kuvia!