sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

This weekend we have done lots of big and small things. We painted the kitchen floor - it was the 3rd and last layer of paint! We also cleaned the hobby room in the basement, started the painting work also with the kitchen cupboards, changed the car tyres, started the bird feeding season and celebrated my nieces birthday. I think we have a kitchen before Christmas! And we also had the first snow which makes me feel somehow positively inspired :)

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pievauja kirjoitti...

haha, had a difficulty to understand it's a HAND painting doorstep :D
is everything going to be white? like in architects house :D
jealous for your snow! it always works so melancholic. and christmas-y :)

17 neliötä kirjoitti...

:D I had two photos: one with the painting hand and one with half of J's face with a gas mask...I thought the hand might be less scary :D
I like both white and colorful houses, but our house has always had surfaces that are very rich in color. Actually even dark and rich so we felt that we might keep the atmosphere quite the same. Kitchen will probably be the whitest space of the house, we will put black and white wallpaper to only one wall and others will just have white paint. I really liked the wooden floor with a wooden feeling but after long brainstorms we decided that paint will be the most functional treatment for kitchen floor. Now the color is kind of a traditional bluish gray, the same as the floor in the fire place room. And J is not a huge fan of wax or oil treatments so we didn't have much alternatives :D The colors of the cupboards are still a little bit a question mark. First we were planning to paint them in yellow but now that I can see how pretty the birch wood is, I've been thinking about varnishing at least the doors. Oh I wish we could keep them just as they are now with the pale, velvet wood!